VIRAL HEPATITIS | Cause, Symptoms & Homeopathy

   Viral hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver caused by virus. It is also called as infectious hepatitis.
Noninfectious hepatitis is mainly due to alcohol, some drugs and chemicals, metabolic disorders, autoimmune diseases and obesity.
It can present in acute (less than 6 months) and chronic states (more than 6 months)
Commonly three types of hepatitis viruses are seen which are Hep A virus, Hep B virus and Hep c virus.


What are kidney stones?
Kidney stones (also known as Nephrolithiasis or Renal calculus) are small hard masses made up of crystals which are seen in urinary tract (Kidney, urethra and ureter). These crystals are formed by minerals and acid salts. Usually stones forms when the urine becomes concentrated as minerals get crystallized and stick together.
Kidney stone is one of the most painful condition. Kidney stones typically leave the body by passage in the urine stream, and many stones are formed and passed without causing symptoms. If stones grow to sufficient size (usually at least 3 millimeters (0.12 in)) they can cause obstruction of the ureter.
 National Institute of Diabetes and Kidney Disease reports that about 1 million people in the United States are treated for kidney stones each year.

Gout | cause, signs & symptoms treatment & Homeopathy

Gout is a disorder of purine metabolism, occurring especially in men, characterized by a raised but variable blood uric acid level and severe recurrent acute arthritis of sudden onset resulting from deposition of crystals of sodium urate in connective tissues and articular cartilage.
It is a painful condition of small joints as uric acid crystals get deposited like a needle in the joints.
Uric acid is usually harmless, and is made in the body. Most is passed out with the urine, and some from the gut with the faeces (stools). In people with gout the amount of uric acid in the blood builds up. From time to time the level may become too high and tiny grit-like crystals of uric acid may form.
Deposited uric acid crystals may form a lump in the joints which is called as tophi.

Dandruffed? Stop scratching your scalp with homeopathy

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is a condition of upper skin layer of the scalp where there are excessive shedding dead skin cells.
Naturally there will be shedding of the skin cells from every parts of the body after a period of time. When there is excessive shedding of scalp dead cells with itching, it is called as dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis. Sometimes it can be seen on eyebrows or along the sides of the nose.
It is normal for these to be shed or rubbed off because the body is constantly producing new cells that simply move up to replace older ones.

Dengue fever | Cause, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Prevention& Homeopathy

       Dengue fever or breakbone fever is an infectious mosquito-borne disease caused by dengue virus characterized by body pain, retroorbital pain and high fever.
Globally, 2.5-3 billion individuals live in approximately 112 countries that experience dengue transmission. Annually, approximately 50-100 million individuals are infected. 

What cause dengue?

Dengue is spread by a type of infected mosquito called the Aedes aegypti mosquito. The mosquito bites throughout the day and night.

FIBROMYALGIA | Cause, symptoms, Diagnosis & treatment

Fibromyalgia or Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a common and chronic disorder characterized by widespread pain, diffuse tenderness, and a number of other symptoms. The word “fibromyalgia” comes from the Latin term for fibrous tissue (fibro) and the Greek ones for muscle (myo) and pain (algia) which means a connective tissue pain. It affects the muscles, ligaments, other connective tissues, tendons and gastro intestinal tract.

A Gastro-enterologist may diagnose Fibromyalgia as Irritable bowel syndrome and rheumatologist as rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.
Patient presents FM as persistent widespread pain, stiffness , disrupted and unrefreshing sleep, fatigue, anxiety and/or depression, and functional impairment of activities of daily living,  cognitive difficulties, often accompanied by multiple other unexplained symptoms.

FIBROMYALGIA | Diagnosis, Home care & Homeopathy medicines

Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain processes pain signals.
We have discussed the cause sign and symptoms of fibromyalgia in this last post.

Now let’s discuss about the diagnosis management and homeopathic medicines

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) | Cause, symptoms, Diet & Homeopathy

IBS is a functional gastro intestinal disorder characterized by altered bowel habits, abdominal pain and constipation or diarrhea without any organic pathology.
Exact cause for this condition is not known. In most of the cases diarrhea or (and) constipation predominates.
It is estimated that IBS afflicts one in six Americans, particularly women, and it is the most common intestinal problem seen by gastroenterologists.

Adenoid hypertrophy| Cause, Symptoms & Homeopathy

What is Adenoid?

Adenoids are a small mass of lymphatic tissue situated behind your nose along with the tonsils. You cannot see adenoids as you can see the tonsils. Adenoids help you to trap the micro organisms which enter to the body through mouth and Nose. Adenoid gland plays an important role in keeping a kid healthy. As you get older, it get atrophied and disappear almost by the age of 15

Adenoid swelling (Hypertrophy)

Sometimes these adenoids get infected with micro organisms. This will lead to the swelling of the gland.
Recurrent upper respiratory infection in kids can be due to adenoid hypertrophy.

OSTEOARTHRITIS | Cause, Symptoms, Risk factors, Diagnosis & HOMEOPATHY

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common joint diseases which is due to infection or degenerative changes. This joint disease mostly affects middle-age to elderly people. It is commonly referred to as OA or as "wear and tear" of the joints, but we now know that OA is a disease of the entire joint, involving the cartilage, joint lining, ligaments, and bone. Approximately 80-90% of individuals older than 65 years have evidence of primary osteoarthritis
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